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Cannabis Experts

Dr. Ira Price  M.D, FRCPC

Dr.  Ira  Price  is  an  Assistant  Clinical  Professor  in  the  Division  of Emergency  Medicine through the Department of Internal Medicine at McMaster University. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons trained in Emergency Medicine, with a Fellowship in  Sports  Medicine.

For  the past  six  years  Dr.  Price  has  been  a  leader  in the  clinical application of cannabinoids.   In 2011, Dr. Price opened the first clinic in Ontario dedicated solely to evaluating patients for the use of medical cannabis, called Synergy Health Services. Dr. Price then founded the Medical Cannabis Journal Club of Hamilton; the first accredited Medical Cannabis Journal Club.

Dr. Price’s Medical Cannabis practice has been peer reviewed. His dedication and forward thinking is recognized on the national stage. Relying on evidence based principles, Dr. Price developed an effective clinical pathway for the evaluation of patients.

He is an internationally known lecturer who has educated countless numbers of physicians and patients on the use cannabinoids.   Dr. Price’s interests lie in the development of protocols for the clinical application of cannabinoids and the safety of cannabis in the public domain.

In 2013, Dr. Price became the Medical Director of a federally approved Licensed Producer.  He assisted in the development of SOP’s and regulatory standards that would become part of the backbone of the corporation.

Dr. Price’s extensive knowledge and expertise within the Cannabis market allows him to be a top consultant for the medical cannabis industry.  His ability to forecast and analyze the Cannabis market has translated into huge wins for both Licensed Producers and Investors alike.

Amy Brown

After a tragic car accident in 2005, Amy Brown, also known as Amy Anonymous combined her sweet tooth with her need for pain management as she worked on her recovery and began to make her own medibles Amy soon became a well known baker and patients advocate. eventually earning her a regular spot on Toronto EDGE 102’s Dean Blundel Show in her own segment “ BLUNT NEWS WITH AMY ANONYMOUS” as well as a co-hosting position on ‘High F*ckers” on the popular Trailer Park Boys Network, Swearnet.

Amy loves to share her knowledge about cooking with cannabis, she openly shares her recipes online at and through her Cooking With Cannabis Workshops.

Amy was named as one of Skunk Magazine’s most influential women of weed in 2015

Curtis Wallace

Curtis Wallace, founder of Cannabis Solutions Canada Inc, has been studying and growing cannabis for over a decade. Licensed under the MMAR since 2010 and working under the ACMPR since 2014 he has used this opportunity to learn, develop and improve growing and extracting processes pertaining to Canada’s world-class system of standards and regulations in the medical Cannabis field.

From growing 77 licensed plants in his basement to managing a 8-tier, 35,000-plant greenhouse operation, he is one of few growers in Canada who can confidently cycle crops year-round in a controlled commercial greenhouse environment.
While his expertise lies in glass greenhouse, organic, amended soil (no pots, just straight in the ground) he has experience with an array of other growing practices: outdoor, aeroponics, hydroponics, deep water culture, soilless mix.

From 2014-2016 Curtis held positions of Deputy Chief Grower and Chief Grower under the ACMPR system while acquiring an extended background security clearance via Health Canada and the RCMP.

Today he is an established medical cannabis consultant providing services such as growing, managing, site plan layout, SOP’s, and 10 years experience in the medical cannabis field for companies inside and outside of Canada.

Derek Pedro

Derek Pedro has been working with medical Cannabis since 2003, under the MMAR (Medical Marihuana Access and Regulations). In 2009 he opened ‘ Inc’ (Medical Marihuana Alliance and Resources Inc.), a co-operative where he consulted at a $30/oz consultation fee in 14 different locations simultaneously across southern Ontario.

Under the MMAR program he practiced an array of growing techniques, (hydroponics, aeroponics, deep water culture, soilless mix, outdoor, greenhouse)

In 2013, he turned his main facility in Langton, Ontario, into a federally licensed commercial producer under the newly instated MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations), now known as the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations). He oversaw construction of on-site facilities (greenhouse design, processing/drying/curing/packaging rooms) design, which were required to meet specific and stringent requirements based on Health Canada standards. He also assisted in creating SOP’s surrounding every scenario in the handling and growing of Cannabis.

Upon transitioning from the MMAR to the MMPR in 2014, Health Canada approved a provisional sale of Derek’s genetics. These included 23,400 seeds and 40 live strains, many which were bred specifically for medicinal needs; Indica-dominant Kade’s Kush and Passion Kush, and a 14-week flowering sativa called Wine Gums are just a few.

He worked exclusively as Master Grower until January, 2016 and is now freelance consulting for other Licensed Producers in various stages of licensing. With him he brings extensive extraction knowledge, access to Quality Assurance personnel, Client Services managers, RPIC-status growers, and many others who have experience working under Canada’s federal Cannabis systems.

Nazaneen (Naz) Zarezadegan

Nazaneen is one of Ontario’s premier yoga instructors. Naz’s love for yoga began in 2002, just as she was beginning her career as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department. Naz quickly discovered that she needed time to escape the stressful environment of the ER, so she discovered yoga and began a daily practice in her own living room. Several years later after developing a consistent home and studio practice. Naz’s passion for yoga, humanity and science led her into obtaining a 200hr Hatha-Vinyasa certification. Her classes explore the mind/body connection through her emphasis on breath, flow, power and strength.