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About - Synergy Health Services Cannabis Assessments and Educational Centre

My experience with Dr. Ira Price I can sincerely say has been wonderful. He and their staff are very welcoming, and quick to respond if you have a question. Everyone is upbeat and cheerful. Dr. Price is always smiling and always there for support of the other doctors. Synergy health services is how all offices should be run, prompt dedicated and wholehearted people who work with the doctors feel good about what they are doing is devotedly helping thousands.

I was seen by Dr. Ira this week and he is really down to earth. He understands my pain and really hope that this new treatment helps me. I can’t speak for other people here but everyone I spoke to while waiting also seemed really thankful.

I have been pushed around by tons of drs and was worried about coming for another appointment regarding cannabis. After meeting the staff and drs at synergy I have never been happier. There was a little bit of a wait which is to be expected but the ladies at the front did a good job at keeping the patients laughing and happy. Highly recommend! 3 year long patient here.

I attended one of his talks on Cannabis. It was one of the best overviews of cannabis I’ve heard.

I’ve met thousands of doctors and Dr. Price is without doubt one of the most helpful, kind and compassionate in my experience. He has ALWAYS taken whatever time is necessary to make sure I understand what and how to do to alleviate my pain. He is the FIRST doctor to truly have STOPPED the excruciating pain I’ve suffered with for over 40 years. Thank God for Dr. Price. I was very pleased to have found a device which is far better than anything else he has had experience with and while most doctors would have dismissed my findings, Dr. Price never fails to remind me that I’ve helped many of his patients by sharing my findings. Thank you Dr. Price for being a pioneer and helping many of us to solve long time pain issues in a professional and compassionate manner.

I would recommend Dr. Price and his clinic to anyone seeking professional, expert care from a knowledgeable, kind, and caring doctor. This is a busy clinic, but the staff has worked relentlessly to make patients feel welcome and appreciated. My wait time during my last visit was zero – I walked in, registered, and then was immediately escorted into an office for my visit. Highly recommended!

I’ve been going to Synergy for almost 2 years. Dr Ira Price and his staff are incredible! It’s a very busy clinic but staff keep everything going and make you feel important and valued. They’re extremely knowledgeable and endlessly patient with even the most difficult person. This week, prior to my visit, I didn’t receive the forms I normally complete before my visit. The staff had 2 laptops out and were helping everyone complete them in a helpful and timely manner. I’ve observed staff dealing with extremely difficult and demanding patients on the phone and at the desk, as well as some who needed a great deal of assistance to complete their forms. The staff are always understanding, helpful, patient and upbeat. The interactions between Dr. Price and his staff demonstrate mutual respect, caring and commitment to their patients. An Awesome Team in a comfortable, positive environment. Thank you All!